Services To Address the Priorities In Your Life

Before you begin taking steps toward your financial goals, you need to prepare for the road ahead. Once you've started, it's important to have the tools to help keep you going close at hand.

At The Melges Group, we provide a wide array of investment management and financial planning services designed to set you on a solid course. And we offer you access to the vast resources and expert research of Raymond James, to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Portfolio Management For Retirees

Everyone saves for retirement. But when the time actually comes to retire, not everyone is prepared to turn a growth-oriented portfolio into one focused on providing consistent, steadily rising income. That's why we focus on helping our retired clients create an "income engine," a portfolio designed to preserve principal and fund a long, healthy retirement.

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Portfolio Management For Pre-Retirees

In our experience, we've found that most pre-retirees, individuals who are fewer than five years from retirement, tend to have a significant portion of their savings in common stocks – a strategy that needs to be revisited and revised as they approach retirement. We help our pre-retiree clients work through the process of reallocating assets from traditional capital-appreciation stocks to income-producing assets to fund retirement.

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Financial Planning

Finance affects nearly every part of a person's life, so we believe in developing financial plans that are just as far-reaching. Our process begins with a full review of a client's needs and objectives. Then, with goals identified, we start planning for everything from asset allocation and reallocation to trust creation and insurance selection.

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Risk Management

Risk is an inevitable – but manageable – part of life. As we design and implement portfolios for our clients, our goal is to minimize the negative impact of market volatility. And as we develop larger financial plans, we work with each client to make decisions about life insurance, annuities and long-term care based on his or her unique needs.